Frequently Asked Questions

  • I lost my key. Where can I get a replacement?

    You may purchase a key directly from us by visiting our Web Store.

  • Do you sell replacement parts?

    Unfortunately, we do not stock or sell replacement parts for items, as our finished products ship directly from the factories to QVC.

  • My jewelry tarnished inside the Silver Safekeeper - what could be the cause?

    Sometimes we have found that a customer will report that their jewelry has tarnished while being stored in our Silver Safekeeper This happens very rarely, but it has always been the same issue that we and the customer find has caused this to happen. Many customers will clean their silver jewelry before placing it in their brand new silver Safekeeper. We always caution, be careful what jewelry cleaner you use because certain jewelry cleaners can actually cause tarnishing if not rinsed and removed thoroughly from the jewelry piece. Many silver cleaners contain sulfur, which removes tarnish but can also cause tarnishing if it remains on the jewelry. What we have found is that the customer has always cleaned their jewelry first and stored it in the silver Safekeeper in each instance, each person did not thoroughly remove the cleaner from the jewelry. This causes rapid re-tarnishing when stored in an air-tight box. We always recommend using a silver polishing cloth as the best method for cleaning silver jewelry. However, if you choose to use a liquid or paste to clean your jewelry, make sure you rinse thoroughly each piece, for several minutes under running water in order to make sure there is no cleaner residue left on your jewelry. Please make sure your Silver Safekeeper jewelry boxes are closed tightly to prevent air from leaking in, as that can also cause your jewelry to tarnish.

    One last thing we have found can affect the luster of your jewelry is perfumes, lotions and hairspray. Each has chemicals in them that can possibly react with your metals. We recommend always being careful to keep your jewelry clean and away from these things.

  • Is your Silver Safekeeper Lining ok for all jewelry types?

    Our Silver Safekeeper - Anti Tarnish lining is made with safe and natural elements. It is safe for all jewelry types: silver, gold, gemstones, costume jewelry and pearls.

  • My purchase from QVC arrived damaged- can you replace it?

    Please call QVC right away, and ask to exchange or return the item. Unfortunately, we do not stock items and ship directly to QVC from the factories. We do not have inventory to send you a replacement, but QVC should be able to replace it or give you a refund. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and want you to know we are sincerely sorry you had any problems.

  • Do you ship outside the United States of America?

    At this time, we do not ship Clearance Rack items outside of the United States. If you?re ordering from QVC or QVC UK you will need to check with them regarding their shipping policies

  • Can my standing Silver Safekeeper cabinet be turned into a wall mount version; do you sell a conversion kit?

    We do not sell a conversion kit for the cabinet. However, we have heard of customers consulting with a carpenter to have their standing cabinet mounted to the wall. We would suggest you look at the wall mounted version that we offer on QVC- Item # H1043.

  • How do I install one of your wall hanging items?

  • I have an idea for a product. What should I do?

    I specifically wrote my book - Invent it, Sell it, Bank-it to truly help people know and learn how to take a product from concept to creation, it’s a great step by step guide with great advise. I hope it helps you.

    Here’s the link to where you can find details.


    We do not accept unsolicited packages. So please do not send me any prototypes, samples etc. without being asked. If you would like to share your product idea, please do so through my website. at the CONTACT US tab. We will let you know if we’re interested in receiving a sample.