I Can Be                                                           BRING BACK A SMILE

I really love kids and want to help them to be inspired, feel good about themselves and know that if they put their mind to it, they can make their dreams come true.

So I took some of my most inspirational quotes, we created poster-size wall decals to give away to schools across our country. The theory: if you see positive, inspiring sayings, you are motivated to feel positive things. What we see and hear daily shapes who we are.

I hope these wall decals will help children feel encouraged to treat one another with kindness, caring and acceptance and to encourage them to reach for their dreams.

Our children are our future and so precious to us all. Words are powerful; and just as a seed becomes a tree, spreading positivity, kindness and inspiration will conquer cruelty and insecurity and will help build up our kids, who in turn will pay it forward.

I suggest hanging them on doors, walls or even bathroom stalls to spread positivity and inspiration instead of the negative comments, bullying, or unkind words sometimes graffitied there.

If you are a teacher or principal anywhere in the U.S. and would like a set of seven of these wall decals for your school FREE (you only have to pay shipping & handling), please fill out the verification form below. 

I've created 3,000 sets and want to give them to as many schools as possible. Please pass this along to any teachers and  principals you know.
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To see more about my Mission to Inspire click here:  lorigreiner.com/ICanBe