Lori in the news

11 March

Lori Greiner talks Invent It, Sell It, Bank It on The View

The Shark Tank star and Queen of QVC, LORI GREINER reveals secrets of how to invent a product, how to get it to market and how to make a lot of money from it.

14 March

Lori Greiner on The Queen Latifah Show

Lori Greiner talks Invent It, Sell It, Bank It on Queen Latifah

7 Mar

Lori Greiner on CBS This Morning

Lori Greiner of Shark Tank & QVC Eye Opening Women on CBS This Morning

3 January

Lori Greiner Shark Tank star on Good Morning America

The Queen of QVC and "Shark Tank" star, LORI GREINER, guests on "Good Morning America," in advance of an all new "Shark Tank" this Friday, Jan 4

24 Oct

Lori Greiner guests on CNN Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien

LORI GREINER, "Shark Tank" star and queen of QVC, guests live on"Starting Point with Soledad" breaking down why the hit show has rocketed to hit status and what makes a hit business.

12 March

CBS New York - The Couch

Turning Your Big Idea Into A Reality

24 Oct

Shark Tank's Lori Greiner on "Cavuto" talks Passion, Dedication & Drive

Lori Greiner, "Shark Tank" / QVC star, delineates on how to tell if one's idea is "Hero or Zero'...and swimming with the sharks as you patent your invention and hit a home run for your start-up

22 Jul

Check out Lori's Profile Piece on CNBC's "How I Made My Millions"

In 1995, Lori Greiner decided to create a product for people to keep their earrings in order.
She used a prototype to convince buyers to order them and began selling them in JC Penney and other department stores during the second half of 1996. Now, she has her own show on QVC and holds 99 U.S. and International patents.

5 Oct

Lori Greiner shares her secrets to success.

Advice For Inventors From a Star of ABC's 'Shark Tank'