One of my favorite things about being a Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank is helping to make the American dream come true for people across our country. Men, women & children, budding entrepreneurs; everyone has a dream and I’m living proof that you can turn your dreams into a reality.

It’s wonderful to be able to help pay it forward & I’ve been lucky to be able to work with amazing entrepreneurs & wonderful people!

Below are some stories to share about some of my Shark Tank investments & entrepreneurs who I’m happy to say are today making millions. Some I’ve met through Shark Tank, some have reached out through social media & my website & I’d like to share some of their stories with you. Remember, you never know, but keep trying, hope I see you in the Shark Tank! There’s a good chance that if I like you & your product that I’ll make you millions. ;)


Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy:
Scratch-Free Cleaning Sponges

Aaron Krause

Prior to coming into the tank, Scrub Daddy had approximately $120k in retail sales! they had been on QVC 4 times and were not in any retailers. Since airing on Shark Tank and partnering with me 7 years ago, we’ve done over $209.8 million in retail sales! Scrub Daddy has been on QVC over 200 times and has nationwide retail presence in all store types.

Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board:
Core Workout Balance Board

Linda Clark & Gloria Hoffman

In seven months, retail sales increased from $575k to $9 million. More than 1 million Simply Fit Boards were shipped to retail stores for the fourth quarter of 2016. In 4 years since airing on Shark Tank and doing a deal with me we’ve done over $160 million in retail sales! 

Sleep Styler

Sleep Styler:
Style Your Hair While You Sleep

Tara Brown

Sleep Styler sold $3 million dollars in the 7 days following their airing including sales on their website and a debut on QVC. An infomercial launched in June 2017 and has already exceeded $100 million in retail sales in 2 years! 

Running Buddy

The Running Buddy:
Running Accessory

Julie Bradfield

Every so often I work with Charity Buzz and auction off a meeting with myself to give entrepreneurs a chance to pitch me their idea. The money that is made during the auction then goes to a charity of my choice. I had a major success story after my 1stCharity Buzz auction in July 2013!
The winner of the auction was Julie Bradfield, after winning in July, Julie & I met a month later in Aug where Julie pitched her idea to me – The Running Buddy. It is a sleek pouch that magnetically attaches to itself & your pants. Perfect for your cell phone, keys, money etc.
I thought it had the potential to be a HERO, so I decided to help her and bring it onto QVC.
After a year of working with her, we launched the Running Buddy in my show on QVC in July 2014 and it sold out the 1st time on air.
Now to date, we’ve done almost 8 million in sales on QVC with The Running Buddy!!

Drop Stop

Drop Stop:
Set of 2 Car Seat Gap Fillers

Marc Newburger & Jeffrey Simon

Since coming into the Shark Tank 5 years ago and doing our deal Drop Stop has done over $38 million in retail sales and sold millions of units! Happy to say this is 10 times what they did in their first 4 years in business. We are now in many major retailers across the country & internationally.

Fiber Fix

Fiber Fix:
The Strongest Repair Tape

Spencer Quinn and Eric Child

Fiber Fix had launched 6 months prior to coming onto Shark Tank, they had done about $400k in retail sales and had sold roughly 100k units. Since airing on Shark Tank and partnering with me for 6 years  we’ve done over $50 million in retail sales and sold 3 million units!

Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty:
Toilet Stool

Judy & Bobby Edwards

Since airing on Shark Tank and doing our deal Squatty Potty has sold over 500,000.00 units and done $164 million in retails sales - in just 5 years!!! They are now going into many national retailers.


Magnetic Glasses Holders

Rick Hopper

Readerest was my 1st deal on Shark Tank! Prior to airing on Shark Tank and making a deal with me, Readerest had sold approximately 6,500 units for a total of $65,000 in about 6 months. They were in about 20 independent retailers. Since airing, 7 years ago, we’ve now done over $38 million in retail sales, sold 2 million units and are in 12,000 + stores!


Beanbag Beds

Byron Young

Since airing on Shark Tank and partnering with me 6 years ago, Cordaroy’s has done over $48.8 million in retail sales! In the 3 years prior to coming onto Shark Tank, Cordaroy’s had sold a little over $4 million in retail sales. Cordaroy’s is regularly featured in my Clever and Unique Creations show on QVC where we sell out almost every time we’re on air!


Screen Repair Kit

Lily, Emma & Brian Hooks

Prior to coming into the Shark Tank, ScreenMend had sales of $4k, they were in 1 catalog and in no retail stores. Since airing on Shark Tank and partnering with me 6 years ago, we’ve done over $18 million in retail sales! I’ve helped them to secure packaging, manufacturing and distribution and now we are in several major retailers.

Stella Valle

Stella Valle:
Jewelry Line

Ashley Jung & Paige Dellavalle

Since airing on Shark Tank, Stella Valle and I have created a Women’s Empowerment line of jewelry. All with messages about what women are & what women can be; which is everything & amazing! The pieces are feminine yet inspired by their military background and have some kind of empowerment messaging engraved. We have secured multiple major retailers and sell out on QVC almost every time they air. Since making our deal along with Mark on Shark Tank we have sold over $10.2 million in retail sales!


Reusable Paper Towel Made From Rayon Bamboo

Noam & Irene Krasniansky

Since airing on Shark Tank 5 years ago, Bambooee has sold $10.2 million in retail sales! We are now selling in multiple major retailers. In addition, we’ve planted over 100,000 trees helping to make our planet a better place.


Foldable Luggage

Stephen Hersh

After partnering with me 5 years ago Shark Tank, we have done over $13.5 million in retail sales! We sell out almost every time on QVC and are getting into several major retailers.

Mensch on a Bench

Mensch on a Bench:
A Jewish version of the wildly popular Christmas Elf on the Shelf

Neal Hoffman

Before Shark Tank, only 2,000 families had Mensches, today after partnering with Robert & I on Shark Tank over $7.2 million in retail sales & 70,000 families have Menches! We are working on some new concepts coming soon!

Bantam Bagels

Bantam Bagels/Bagel Stuffins:
Stuffed Mini Bagel Bites

Elyse & Nick Olesak

Sales have increased tremendously since airing on Shark Tank and our partnering. In the 4 years Since airing on Shark Tank, we have done $40 Million in retail sales! Our catering business for morning delivery around NYC has really caught on, with Bantam Bagels feeding office meetings across Manhattan and the boroughs! Our status at QVC has been elevated to what is called “Power Promo” level so we are a featured item and consistently perform as a top seller during featured shows. To go along with this exciting brand evolution, we have developed amazing new frozen retail packaging and are working to perfect the next line of products to come out of the Bantam Bakery. Coming soon is a whole new line of mini stuffed sweet muffin and cake balls!


Heidi Ho:
Plant-Based Food Company

Heidi Lovig

Pre Shark Tank, Heidi Ho had sold 37k units & done $240k in retail sales. Since going on to Shark Tank & partnering with me in just 3 1/2 years we’ve done over $10.5 million in retail sales! We have launched in Whole Foods nationally and are in talks with several major retailers.


Scholarship Finder

Christopher Gray, Nick Pirollo & Bryson Alef

We are so proud of the accomplishments with Scholly since airing on Shark Tank! We have helped students raise over $15 Million in scholarships across the nation! We recently closed a deal with the White House's My Brothers Keeper Program to provide Scholly to 275,000 students nationwide. The City of Memphis & Drexel University got the app for students and Scholly is being endorsed by admissions departments in high schools & universities across the nation. Scholly was the #1 Paid App in North America for two weeks, Top 100 Paid App in North America for four months & Top 5 Paid Education app for four months.

Just to name a few…Stay tuned for more exciting updates!